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"Tech arrived on time, was friendly and professional, and completed repairs quickly, with confidence and knowledge. Will use again!"

Steve Spence

MIDCOM quickly answered my inquiry about service and scheduled a technician to come out the next day. After the technician arrived, they assessed the damage and within minutes received a parts quote from MIDCOM so that service could be completed and we could be back to work. Very happy with MIDCOM!

Mary Martin

"It was a pleasure to be able to reach a customer service rep immediately and very polite. They're service rep came a scheduled and quickly fixed our IBM Infoprint and he too was very courteous.

Couch Distribution Company

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Do More With Less

It's no secret that labor shortages are affecting warehouses and fulfillment centers of all sizes. With ProGlove's suite of wearable barcode scanner products, businesses can empower their teams to get more done in less time with fewer employees.

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See the ProGlove MARK 2 wearable scanner in action, in this side-by-side comparison video next to a standard barcode scanner.

Out With The Old, In With The New

View our suite of ProGlove products below to determine which wearable scanner is right for you. For a limited time only, MIDCOM is offering a "try before you buy" program, so you can test our ProGlove products before you decide to do an entire barcode scanner refresh.

MARK Display

MARK Display is the lightweight, ergonomic wearable scanner that presents crucial information where and when your workers need it most. This smart glove scanner replaces traditional Mobile Computer Guns in combination with any smart device.


Lightweight, rugged, and ergonomic – this glove scanner can help users across the entire supply chain save up 4 seconds per scan. Because it’s always at hand, no matter what!

MARK Basic

This glove scanner allows for easy hands-free scanning. Ideal for workstations with a limited number of scans. MARK Basic is an ideal fit for logistics operations.

Try ProGlove Wearable Scanners In Your Business Today

Try Before You Buy

ProGlove’s Wearables set the standard for the future of barcode scanning. The design of our wearables considers every aspect of the human worker within common logistics functions and industrial workflows. The result is a patented technology that provides lightweight comfort and full dexterity enabling higher scan speeds.

Now, for a limited time only, we are offering MIDCOM customers the exclusive ability to demo a ProGlove wearable scanner before you buy it. Click on the button below to get a quote and inquire about our try before you buy program.

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